It's what happened in
America in the '20s
The Jazz Age Lives On
We play cards, visit the country estate of a friend, stroll and talk in the gardens,
enjoy a game of mahjongg or croquet, and
party in our silk pajamas!

Gatsbyesque card-playing
A Card Game
Worthy of the characters in
F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, today's friends revisit the era in the spirit of The Great Gatsby.
Friends take a photo.

Anna Gontar in 1920's dress and cloche hat with gold embroidery.
A Weekend Visit in the Country
Anna Gontar in 1920's flapper attire arrives at Shalamuth Rubinfein's country house.
Arriving in the country
A walk in the garden
A Garden Stroll
Anna Gontar, James Kyle, Emily Margalit take a late afternoon stroll after a garden party.
On the Lawn
Suitable summer attire for a game of croquet.
Enjoying a game of croquet
The Party
Getting dressed for the ball!
Pajama parties were all the rage
Pajama Parties
were the rage then and now (at the Playboy Mansion at least)

James Kyle, Emily Margalit in actual 1920's pajamas with Anna Gontar.
After the Party
Fun or serious talk?