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1929 - An Upper Class Affair is an historical love story by Margaret Chai Maloney, just now published and available on

This website is dedicated to those who experienced the crash and aftermath of 1929, to those who felt the effects of life in the 1920's, and to those with an interest in the impact of that time: its romance, its drama, its mystery, and the oral histories that live on.

The highly acclaimed first novel by Margaret Chai Maloney beckons you to step into the celebutante world of socialite Josephine Baxter-Browne in a story that is interwoven with the personal histories of famous and illustrious people of the late 1920's as they approached, experienced, and survived the turbulence of the era of the Great Depression.

Book Trailer: Visit Josie's world in our video of the Roaring Twenties!

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